A Salute To The American Flag 
By Scottish Rite Freemasonry

Special Issue
July 1996

You Sometimes Wonder
C. Fred Kleinknecht

How America's Flag Evolved
Lt. Col. Thomas N. Pyke

A Toast To The Flag
John J. Daly

The Story Of The Pledge Of Allegiance
Francis Bellamy

The Pledge Of Allegiance
Red Skeleton

The Flag
Stuart R. Hilton

Which Star Is Your Home?

America Est Patria Nostra
Jim Tresner

What Price Freedom?
Leo J. Ghirardi

If We Will Not Work For Freedom ...
Melville H. Nahin

Flag Day
National Flag Day Foundation, Inc.

Proper Display Of The Flag

The History Of The Star-Spangled Banner
Gary Scott

Fort McHenry: Citadel Of Freedom

The Star-Spangled Banner
Francis Scott Key

To Make A People Secure
Bobby J. Demott

Yes, Our Flag Makes A Difference
Robert G. Davis

A Galaxy Of New Constellations

Americanism: My Civic Responsibility
Autumn O. Beck

Ordinary Americans, Extraordinary Patriots
William McGinnis

Folding The Flag
The Boy Scouts of America

United States Code, Patriotic Customs