District Of Columbia Mason Among Hostages In Lima, Peru
To many, terrorism is something that happens to others in places far away. Unfortunately, however, terrorism continues to increase and may touch any of us at any moment. The December 17, 1996, violent occupation by terrorists of the residence of the Japanese ambassador in Lima, Peru, brought this point home to the Brethren of Albert Pike Lodge No. 33 and the Valley of the District of Columbia.

Luis Alejandro Giampietri, 32

One of their Brothers, Luis A. Giampietri, 32, a dual member from Salud, Fuerza, Union Lodge No. 69 of Lima, was among the original captives and was, as of January 30, still held hostage along with 71 other victims, including Japanese Ambassador Morihisha Aoki and the brother of Alberto Fujimori, President of Peru.

Admiral Giampietri petitioned Scottish Rite membership while serving as a member of the Peruvian delegation to the Inter-American Defense Board in Washington and became a member of the 1989 Spring Reunion Class. Given the cosmopolitan character of the capital city, Albert Pike Lodge and the Valley of the District of Columbia are benefited by the participation of many international Brethren who wish to maintain their Masonic activity in Washington, DC, while on diplomatic duty for their countries.

Though Néstor Cerpa Cartolini, leader of the so-called "Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement," which is held responsible by the Peruvian government for over 10,000 terrorist acts, recently declared "We are in no rush" to release the hostages, Peruvian officials and security experts continue to seek a quick and peaceful resolution. 

Storm/Flood Relief
During the past weeks, media headlines have been dominated by the snowstorms and subsequent floods in the Orients of California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Roofs have collapsed, and thousands have been forced from their homes and businesses. Airlifts have rescued others.

The Supreme Council has forwarded a $5,000 relief donation, and donations of any size from Almoner's funds, Valley funds, and/or personal funds would help these unfortunate victims in their recovery efforts. Please send checks, indicating they are for flood/storm relief, to the Scottish Rite Foundation, S.J., U.S.A., Inc. 1733 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009. All donations will be forwarded, on a proportional basis, to our Active Members for distribution in Orients where the need is greatest. Thank you for your generous response! 

Temple Visitors
Despite last year's unusual blizzard weather in the nation's capital, the number of visitors to the House of the Temple in Washington, DC, increased over 1995. A total of 3,472 Brethren and guests from 34 foreign countries and from across America enjoyed free tours of the Temple's ornate ceremonial rooms, conducted research in The Supreme Council Library, or visited the building's several museums and special display areas. For visiting hours and other information, see the "Temple Welcome" on page 6 of this issue. When next in the District of Columbia, whether on business or pleasure, be sure to make visiting the House of the Temple a "must" on your schedule! 
Degree Work At Nursing Home In Greenville, SC
Brother Garnet L. Hanley, 32, K.C.C.H., one of the hardest working Brothers in the Valley of Greenville, South Carolina, and a Hospital Representative of the Masonic Service Association, assisted the Brethren of his Lodge, Divver No. 349, in putting on the Fellow Craft Degree at Richard Campbell Veterans Administration Nursing Home in Anderson, South Carolina, on November 16, 1996. Under special dispensation from M.W. Robert V. Pinkston, 32, K.C.C.H., Grand Master of South Carolina, three Candidates received the Fellow Craft Degree, 26 nursing home residents attended, 65 Masons participated, and 28 Lodges were represented, including one member from Nippon Lodge No. 9 in Sasebo, Japan. The work was preceded by a breakfast, and everything went so well that the Brethren hope to make similar Degree work an annual event at the nursing home. Other Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite Brethren might consider this innovative program which brings Masonry to Brothers otherwise unable to attend Lodge.

With dispensation from the Grand Master of South Carolina, M.W. Robert V. Pinkston, 32, K.C.C.H., Brethren brought Degree work to 26 residents of the Richard Campbell Veterans Administration Hospital in Anderson, South Carolina

Shrine Ceremonial In Mandarin Chinese
During October 1996, Illustrious William R. Miller, 33, S.G.I.G. in Washington and a member of Afifi Shrine Temple, Takoma, Washington, joined the Nobles of that Temple on a visit to the Orient. While in Taiwan, the Brethren visited the very active Shrine Club which meets in Taipei's Masonic Hall. Pictured right at the Club's first-ever conferral of the Shrine Ceremonial in Mandarin Chinese are (l. to r.) Inspector Miller with Illustrious Sir Glenn M. Henderson, 32, Potentate of Afifi Temple and a member of the Takoma, Washington, Scottish Rite Bodies, and Illustrious Tommy F. H. Weng, 33, Deputy for Taiwan and China.

A Lodge For Them?
Brother Bruce A. Dehlin, 32, K.C.C.H., is an active Brother in the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia and the Scottish Rite Valley of Washington, DC. He knows doomsayers predict the dwindling of Freemasonry almost to the point of extinction in the 21st century. Bro. Bruce, however, is working in many aspects of the Fraternity to assure his family's members can be part of a vital Craft tomorrow. Here he is pictured with his son, Bro. Dale A. Dehlin, 32, standing at his right shoulder, and his son-in-law, Bro. Steven J. Bell, at his left shoulder. Both men are Past Master Councilors in DeMolay. Also, their wives, Terri and Lori respectively, are Past Worth Advisors, International Order of Rainbow for Girls. Sitting on Bro. Dehlin's knees are his grandsons (l. to r.) Bryce Jordan Dehlin, born 1996, eligible for Lodge membership in 2017; and Christopher J. Bell, born 1994, eligible for Lodge membership in 2015. 
Ill. Walter Breuning, 33, Celebrates 100th Birthday
On September 19, 1996, a large number of Brethren and there ladies gathered at the Scottish Rite Temple of Great Falls, Montana, to help Ill. Walter Breuning, 33, celebrate his 100th birthday two days early. As the Master of Ceremonies, Ill. Cal Hoiland, 33, pointed out, "We know your birthday is September 21, but two days is nothing in the more than 36,500 days you have been on this Earth."

Before cutting a specially decorated cake, Ill. Breuning shared his thoughts about his 71 years as a Mason and 59 as a Scottish Rite Brother. "Life is not measured," he said, "in hours or days, but rather by what we have done. This is the day that life begins—today."

Illustrious Breuning cuts 100th birthday cake.

Ill. Breuning was born in Minnesota and went to work for the Great Northern Railway in 1913, retiring in 1963 after 50 years of service. He joined Great Falls Lodge No. 118 in 1925 and served as its Master in 1934. When he was charged with arranging a meeting of the Grand Lodge of Montana, he was given just $250 to cover expenses!

In 1944, he was elected Secretary of his Lodge and served for 25 years until forced to retire from this post because of failing eyesight. After petitioning the Scottish Rite in 1937, Ill. Breuning became Director of Work of the Valley of Great Falls. He insisted on effective performance of the ritual and worked to change several communicated Degrees to dramatic presentations. In recognition of this and his many other services to our Order, he was honored with the K.C.C.H. in 1948, served as Venerable Master in 1950, and was coroneted a 33 I.G.H. in 1957.

In 1968, as a member of the Building Committee, he took proper pride in seeing the present Great Falls Scottish Rite Building completed debt free. More recently, during the spring 1995 session of the DeMolay International Supreme Council, he was named to receive the DeMolay Legion of Honor in addition to the many other honors he has merited in the Royal Order of Scotland, Royal Order of Jesters, and other Masonic organizations.

Congratulations, Ill. Breuning, on a century of outstanding service and accomplishment! 

Presidential Honors
On January 13, 1997, Bro. William G. Turner, 32, K.C.C.H., Area Representative, National Sojourners, Inc., presented Illustrious C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33, with a Certificate of Appointment and a Presidential Citation. The certificate, signed by Bro. Harold B. "Buck" Aldrich, 32, K.C.C.H., National President of National Sojourners, Inc., appointed Ill. Kleinknecht a member of the Fraternal Liaison Committee for the 1996–97 Sojourner year. Also, Bro. Turner presented a Presidential Citation for "exceptionally meritorious achievement" during the 1995–96 Sojourner year from Ill. Donald L. Shaw, 33, then National President. Both honors recognize Ill. Kleinknecht, a member of National Sojourners, Inc., for his support of this fine organization of military Masons "proudly serving the cause of patriotism." 
College Named After Bro. Lawrence C. Weaver, 32
It is very usual that a college building is named after someone until after that person's passing. Recently, however, the University of Minnesota (UM) took this extraordinary step by naming its College of Pharmacy after Bro. Lawrence C. Weaver, 32, a member of Wayzata Lodge No. 205 and the Scottish Rite Bodies of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After service in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot in WW II, Bro. Weaver received a Doctorate in Pharmacology from the University of Utah in 1953 and practiced community pharmacy in Iowa and Utah before devoting 13 years in the areas of research and administration for the Pitman-Moore Co., a division of Allied Laboratories and Dow Chemical Company. He also served as Dean, College of Pharmacy, and as Professor, Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, UM, from 1966 to 1984 before being named Interim Dean, College of Pharmacy, UM, 1994–96.

Brother Lawrence C. Weaver, 32

Other highlights of Bro. Weaver's distinguished career include: Vice President, Professional Relations, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, and Executive Director for the PMA Commission on Drugs for Rare Diseases and for the Society for Chronic Diseases. In addition, aside from his leadership in several professional and government organizations associated with health and higher education worldwide, especially in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, Bro. Weaver has served on numerous public organizations locally and domestically and has received many honors, including the Remington Honor Medal of the American Pharmaceutical Association Foundation.

Congratulations to this outstanding Mason and Scottish Rite Brother!

Rainbow Scholarships Presented In Houston, TX
The Grand Assembly of Texas, International Order of Rainbow for Girls, presented three scholarships at the recently completed Grand Assembly Session held in Houston. Sharon Henss received the $2,500 Victor C. and Martha Marie Whitfield Scholarship; Lynda Matthews received the $2,500 Lela and Roy Jones Scholarship; and Stacy Hoefling received the $500 Past Grand Officers Scholarship.

The selections for the scholarships were based on scholastic record, financial need, and Rainbow service. They are intended to make a significant contribution to a graduating senior who can demonstrate she will be a good student in the degree program she selects and will, at all times, be a good representative of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. Applicants were subject to rigorous review and thoughtful evaluation. In 1996, the selection committees were faced with a rugged task because of the number of truly qualified and needy applicants. These three recipients were selected because of their superb qualifications, extraordinary Rainbow service, and well-defined financial need.

Pictured at the recent Grand Assembly Session Held in Houston, Texas, are (l. to r.): Mrs. Shirley Ferguson, Grand Committee, The Lela and Roy Jones Scholarship Fund; Miss Lynda Matthews, Melrose Assembly No. 167, Houston; Miss Sharon Henss, Fort Worth Assembly; Miss Marlene Dibrell, Grand Committee, The Victor C. and Martha Marie Whitfield Scholarship Fund and the W. Mark Sexson Loan Fund.

The Victor C. and Martha Marie Whitfield Scholarship was established to honor the Whitfields for their many years of Rainbow service. Victor Whitfield, 32, and his wife, Martha Marie, began their active service to Rainbow in 1942. Mrs. Whitfield was Supreme Worthy Associate Advisor at the time of her death in 1989. The Lela and Roy Jones Scholarship was established to honor Roy Jones, 32, and his wife Lela for their many years of service to Rainbow. The Past Grand Officers established their scholarship to honor Mrs. Pearl Mills, Supreme Drill Leader and Supreme Inspector in Texas.

"Salute To Old Glory" In Pensacola, Florida
The gazebo in Seville Square in historic downtown Pensacola, Florida, served as the stage and focal point for the annual "Pensacola's Salute to Old Glory" for 1996. Pensacola's Chief of Police was the keynote speaker. After the singing of the National Anthem, a mass Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States was conducted at 6:00 pm This event was carried live by one of the local television stations as a lead-in to their 6:00 pm news program.

Flag Day Proclamations by Ill. Robert L. Goldsmith, 33, S.G. I.G. in Florida, the Mayor of Pensacola, and the Chairman of the Escambia County Board of Commissioners were read. Musical entertainment was provided by the "Rosie O'Grady Gang" of local Seville Quarter fame.

The following organizations participated in the pre-ceremony "Massing of the Colors": Pensacola Scottish Rite K.C.C.H. Honor Guard, an all-service military honor guard from Corry Station, York Rite Commandry, Knights of Columbus Color Guard, Pensacola Elks Lodge No. 497, Hadji Shrine Temple Legion of Honor, Heroes of '76, National Sojourners, Inc., Pensacola Police Cadets, Girl Scouts, Daughters of the American Revolution, the Pensacola Fire Department, and others.

"Floating" Freemasonry
Two Brethren. An electric golf cart. A lot of ingenuity and effort. These are the elements that resulted in a unique all-Masonic float being built by Bros. Elsworth L. Abbott, 32, and Lloyd Vrtiska, 32, Valley of Lincoln, Nebraska. To a Square and Compasses in glittering blue and gold, they added a Symbolic Lodge Master's top hat, a Shrine fez, Knights Templar chapeau, and red, white, and blue balloons to symbolize patriotism and Scottish Rite colors. In addition, their float included a display accenting Masonic philanthropies, a compressor for inflating balloon sculptures along the parade route, and a radio/tape deck for playing appropriate music.

On September 12–13, 1996, dressed in their Sesostris Shrine Klown suits, "Sappy and Pops" maneuvered their unique float to enthusiastic applause along the route of the Richardson County Free Fair Parade, Humboldt, Nebraska. Their fine work is an example of what two creative, dedicated Brothers can do to promote our Craft and Masonic unity. Congratulations, Brethren!

Working As A Masonic Family
On October 26, 1996, the Masonic Center in Vancouver, hosted a Scottish Rite One-Day Reunion and York Rite Mini-Festival which attracted over 200 Masons from throughout the state of Washington. Special thanks for the success of the event must go to Ill. William R. Miller, 33, S.G.I.G. in Washington; Bro. Robert Musgrove, 32, Grand Commander of Knight Templars of Washington; M.E.C. Charles Towne, Grand High Priest of Royal Arch Masons of Washington; and M.I.C. William Nelson, 32, Grand Master of Royal & Select Masters of Washington.

Scottish Rite and York Rite classes, respectively, received 20 and 22 new members. Also, Brethren of the Afifi Shrine Temple Clown Unit and several DeMolays contributed to the success of the occasion as did the Squires who served an impressive fellowship dinner.

Highlights of the dinner were comments by Bro. John B. Stitt, 32, K.C.C.H., who sketched the first 25 years of the Vancouver Valley; Ill. Richard Kingsberry, 33, P.H.A., who thanked all the Brethren for their outstanding progress in uniting Prince Hall Masons into the true fellowship of Masons throughout the world; and Maxine Sullivan who, with her son, Bro. Russ Sullivan, E.A., received the 32 hat of her dear husband, Bro. Thomas U. Sullivan, 32, who had been working on the event before his untimely death.

Ill. Robert H. Beck, 33, Personal Representative, Vancouver Valley, expresses his thanks to every Brother attending for making this such a rewarding and memorable moment in the history of Freemasonry in Washington State as well as an example of the Masonic Family working together for the benefit of all.

Spring 1997 Classes And Reunions
Spring, Summer, and Fall Reunions are regularly noted in the March and September issues of the Scottish Rite Journal if dates are communicated by Valley Secretaries to the Journal by the publication deadlines of, respectively, January 15 and July 15.

District of Columbia-Washington, DC May 16, 17
Florida-Tampa May 3, Tallahassee March 8 and 15
Iowa-Sioux City March 7, 8, 14 and 15
Kansas-Topeka April 12
Minnesota-Rochester March 1, 15, and April 5
North Carolina-Asheville April 4 and 5, Charlotte May 8 and 9, Greensboro April 11 and 12, Raleigh April 11 and 12, Wilmington March 20, 21, and 22, (Summer, August 1 and 2),Winston-Salem March 22 and April 5
Texas-Dallas March 1, 15 and April 5
Virginia-Alexandria April 19 and 26