In March 1996, the Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies dedicated their Reunion to Ill. Joseph MacDonald Dealey, 33, President and Publisher, The Dallas Morning News, who passed away on April 7, 1995. Brother Dealey’s son, Joseph M. Dealey Jr., 32, K.C.C.H., Director, Public Affairs Department, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, was present at the Reunion. He spoke to the Class and shared his thoughts about the benefits of Scottish Rite membership.

George Bannerman Dealey, 33

To accent the timelessness of our Rite’s message, he read a passage, titled “My Scottish Rite Membership,” written by his great-grandfather, Ill. George Bannerman Dealey, 33, in 1939 and still relevant today. The eloquent words of Ill. George B. Dealey (1859-1946), a member of the first semi-annual Reunion Class of the Dallas, Texas, Scottish Rite Bodies, May 1904, follow:

I was honored with the Degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry some 35 years ago [May 1904]. Experience teaches that there are all kinds of human beings. There are some who receive these Degrees without benefiting themselves or the organization conferring them. They have not really tried to possess themselves of the Scottish Rite’s marvelous teachings.

Likewise, there are some who go through college or university without really receiving or caring for the education made available to them.

Also, there are some who belong to a church without receiving the spiritual aid that is theirs for the asking. They are on the membership rolls-that’s all.

Joseph MacDonald Dealey Sr., 33

Let me say, however, and say it most emphatically, that any earnest man of ordinary intelligence who receives the Degrees of the Scottish Rite seriously and determines to get out of them the teachings they offer, he can secure an insight and a further understanding of Freemasonry never dreamed of before.

If the lessons in the various Degrees register and are applied, he will benefit intellectually, morally, and spiritually. He will become a good father, son, or brother, and a worthy citizen. He will adore his God and love his fellowman. He will have secured what money cannot buy.

Joseph M. Dealey Jr., 32, K.C.C.H.