The In Basket
Articles Recently Received by the Scottish Rite Journal

“Thank you!” to each of these Brethren or their family members who have recently submitted articles to the magazine. Each submission will be published in the Scottish Rite Journal or, by notification to the author, placed on file in the Archives of The Supreme Council, 33, as an information and research resource for the Brethren. Listing is by last name (alphabetical), Degree or Masonic relation, Valley, and title of contribution.

Adamson, John R., 32, Billings, MT, “Masons and the Miracle at Philadelphia”

Brookshire, Walter B., 32, Knoxville, TN, “One Day in History”

Cobb, A. Gene, 32, Greensboro, NC, “Traveling Elder, Traveling Mason”

Davis, Robert G., 33, Guthrie, OK, “Getting the Big Picture in Parenting”

Deakin Jr., J. Nelson, 32, K.C.C.H., Wheeling, WV, “Communication”

De Luna, José J., 32, K.C.C.H., San Diego, CA, “Living Legends, Brothers Marvin Frankel and Paul S. Murphy”

Endsley, Julian E., 32, K.C.C.H., Santa Barbara, CA, “The Masonic Progress of Burl Icle Ives, 33, Grand Cross”

Guthman, Sidney S., 33, Long Beach, CA, “A Passover Message for Today,” “The Holocaust Memorial”

Hill, O. B., 32, Palm Springs, CA, “Did Those Men Die Needlessly?”

Hill, William A., 33, Fargo, ND, “Freemasonry and the College Fraternity”

Koski, Wayne S., 32, Knoxville, TN, “An Open Letter”

LaCross, Roger E., 32, Norfolk, VA, “The Civil War and Masonry”

Lockwood, Paul A., 32, Wichita, KS, “Evolution or Revolution,” “Lessons in Freemasonry”

Marples, James A., 32, Wichita, KS, “The Centennial of America’s Cadence, The Stars and Stripes Forever,” “When Masonry Runs in the Family,” “Victor’s Story,” “Senator Edmund G. Ross, A Portrait of Courage,” “Remember the Main and the Rough Riders, Too”

McKewin, Robert W., 32, Minneapolis, MN, “My Life Walk with God”

Million Jr., Paul T., 33, McAlester, OK, “Masonry and a Family Legacy”

O’Néill, Séan, 32, Alexandria, VA, “The State of Our Unions,” “A Forgotten Lesson,” “The Seventh Sign”

Puno, Reynato S., 33, Past Sov.Gr.Cmdr., Supreme Council of the

Philippines, “Growing Together in Masonry and Reaching Out to Mankind”

Roberts, Lynn R., 32, New Bern, NC, “Every Young Man Should Be a Mason”

Shore, Carleton A., 33, Cumberland, MD, “A Partnership”

Stedman, G. Preston, 33, Walla Walla, WA, “New Masonry or Old?”

Steen, Benjamin R., 32, Guthrie, OK, “The Cornerstone”

Trowbridge, Terry O., 32, Orient of NATO Bases, “Beyond Tolerance”