“The In Basket”
Articles Recently Received by the Scottish Rite Journal

“Thank you!” to each of these Brethren or their family members who have recently submitted articles to the magazine. Each submission will be published in the Scottish Rite Journal or, by notification to the author, placed on file in the Archives of The Supreme Council, 33, as an information and research resource for the Brethren. Listing is by last name (alphabetical), Degree or Masonic relation, Valley, and title of contribution.

Clemmons, Alan B., 32, San Diego, CA, “Why I Became a Mason”

Coop, Howard, 32, Louisville, KY, “A Clarion Call To Remember”

Cox, George G., 32, San Antonio, TX, “This Special Man I Know”

Darnell, Timothy H., 32, Atlanta, GA, “The Story of Jacques DeMolay”

Demott, Bob J., 33, Knoxville, TN, “Scottish Rite and Family Emphasis in Tennessee”

Dierke, James S., 32, San Francisco, CA, “Samuel Penfield Taylor”

Dunaway Jr., Frank R., 32, Alexandria, VA, “LaFayette and Keys to the Bastille”

Findtner, F. Robert, 33, Eugene, OR,”Masonry Is Family”

Fitzpatrick, Chester L., 32 K.C.C.H., Jacksonville, FL, “Family Masonry”

Furstenberg, John C., 32, Omaha, NE, “Memories of the Omaha Home for Boys”

Ghirardi, Leo J., 32, and David J. Ghirardi, Baton Rouge, LA, “From the Primitive to the Ultimate,” “Reflections,” “An Informal Poll”

Gingrich, John D., 32, San Francisco, CA, “Stonework”

Green, Charles E., 32, K.C.C.H., Pensacola, FL, “Pensacola Family Life”

Harrison, George E., 33, Pasadena, CA, “Family Activities,” “Roy Rogers, 33”

Harrison, W. Pat, “Ties That Bind, Masonic WW II POWs in the Philippines”

Kerr, Donald C., 32, Tampa, FL, “The Hand That Cares,” “Home and Happiness”

Libowski, Saul, 32, Omaha, NE, “The Virtues of Masonry”

Littrell, Terril E., 33, Knoxville, TN, “A Mason Speaks Out”

Manire, George L., 32, Raleigh, NC, “The Reply,” “The Bestial and the Divine in Man”

Marples, James A., 32, Wichita, KS, “Bro. Preston B. Plumb,” “Ill. George M. Saunders, 33, 1898-1997,” “A Parking Meter with Time Remaining”

Melton, Larry M., 32, K.C.C.H., “Family and Fraternity”

Nahin, Melville H., 33, Los Angeles, CA., “What a Wonderful World”

Rackele, Rudene, Salt Lake City, UT, “Are You A Builder?”

Redding, Robert E., 33, Washington, DC, “Setting America’s Clock”

Sharma, Naresh, 32, K.C.C.H., Baton Rouge, LA, “Problems and Solutions,” “Ritual’s Evolution,” “Cipher Monitor,” “Masonry’s Evolution,” “Whence Came We?”

Shaw, Malcolm L., 32, K.C.C.H., Dallas, TX, “The Net Worth Card”

Shuler Jr., George N., 32, Galveston, TX, “State of the Family”

Turner, W. Bob, 32, Pasadena, CA, “The Legendary Roy Rogers, 33”

Wilkinson, Christopher J., 32, Denver, CO, “The Devil’s Advocate”

Winterton, Robert E., 33, San Diego, CA, “The First Mason I Ever Met,” “Christmas with Aunt Pearl”