The World War II Memorial
Ill. Robert J. Dole, 33, G.C.
c/o The American Battle Monuments Commission
P.O. Box 96766
Washington, DC  20090-6766

A new monument, proposed for the Mall in our nationís capital, will honor those who fought in World War II.

In January of this year, I accepted the honor to serve as National Chairman of the World War II Memorial Campaign. Our country will at last pay fitting tribute to the spirit and sacrifice of the generation who led us to victory in the face of great tyranny. As we look to the year 2000, I believe there is no time like the present to tell you about this important effort and ask for your crucial support.

The World War II Memorial will become a reality, in part, due to the support of the United States Congress. President Clinton signed legislation passed by Congress in 1993 authorizing the construction of a memorial on federal land in the District of Columbia or its environs; and, in 1994, the President signed legislation approving the location of the World War II Memorial.

On Veterans Day 1995, President Clinton dedicated the future site of the World War II Memorial with the placing of a special plaque. In this formal ceremony, World War II veterans joined the President in hallowing the site by sprinkling the soil from 14 overseas World War II cemeteries, sealing the commitment of the American people.

The proposed design of Friedrich St. Florian, former Dean of the Rhode Island School of Design, was selected for the memorial from among approximately 400 other submissions through a two-stage, national open competition. President Clinton unveiled St. Florianís selection during a White House ceremony in January of this year. Following a public hearing, the Commission on Fine Arts confirmed the selection of the proposed site of the Monument between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. However, the American Battle Monuments Commission was directed to work further in modifying the design concept (pictured on inside cover).

The idea of a World War II Memorial has gained widespread support from 27 national veteransí groups and other national organizations including The American Legion, Veterans Of Foreign Wars Of the United States, American Merchant Marine Veterans, The National Society, Daughters Of The American Revolution, and The Military Coalition have pledged their commitment to this important project.

President Clinton voiced his support in a March 18, 1997, letter saying: ďThe World War II Memorial will pay enduring respect to the 16 million American who took up arms in that global struggle against tyranny, as well as the millions of others who determination and dedication on the home front contributed to our military success overseas. All who worked to achieve victory in 1945 displayed a sense of spirit, sacrifice, and unity--values that have made out nation strong. Our country will be further strengthened by this lasting recognition of the heroism that kept our country free.Ē

We currently face the challenge of raising $100 million for the World War II Memorial. In addition, to significant commitments from corporate America, private donations from individuals, foundations, veterans, and civic organizations will be needed to fund the construction and maintenance of the Memorial. To date, approximately $16.5 million is available to the American Battle Monuments Commission to build the World War II Memorial. The World War II Memorial Campaign would like the crucial help of every American who wants to join this effort. You may contact the American Battle Monuments Commission for more information or send a donation to:

The World War II Memorial Fund
c/o The American Battle Monuments Commission
P.O. Box 96766
Washington, DC 20090-6766
(800) 639-4WW2

or mail to

American Battle Monuments Commission
2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 501
Arlington, VA 22201

The collective spirit of the American people allowed us to triumph in World War II. And so, too, that same spirit and dedication will allow us to create a memorial to preserve the memory of freedomís heroes for future generations. I hope you will remember our nationís heroes by supporting the World War II Memorial.