Articles Recently Received by the Scottish Rite Journal
“Thank you!” to each of these Brethren or their family members who have recently submitted articles to the magazine. Each submission will be published in the Scottish Rite Journal or, by notification to the author, placed on file in the Archives of The Supreme Council, 33, as an information and research resource for the Brethren.

Alvarez, Honorio B., 33, San Diego, Calif., “Desktop Publishing”

Baker Sr., Luther G., 33, Tampa, Fla., “Land of Liberty”

Bjelajac, David, Prof., Washington, D.C., “Masonry and the History of American Art”

Dawson, W. Wayne, 32, Lynchburg, Va., “Marshall Lodge No. 39”

Ellenberger, William J., 32, K.C.C.H., Washington, D.C., “The Acacia Fraternity”

Harris, Clarence D., 32, Danville, Va., “A Workman Worthy of His Keep”

Jones, J. C., 32, Madisonville, Ky., “The Silent Witness Memorial”

Maderick, Joseph A., 32, Pasadena, Calif., “Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars”

Marshall, Paul V. Sr., 32, Denver, Colo., “The 34th Degree”

Marples, James A., 32, Wichita, Kans., “A Tribute to Diana”

Nahin, Melville H., 33, Los Angeles, Calif., “The Best of Times Is Now”

Parks, William A. Jr., 32, Roanoke, Va., “Is Masonry Imposing a Religious Test?”

Pierce, Richard K., 32, Los Angeles, Calif., “Each One, Reach One”

Reese, Lee F., wife of Thomas W. Reese, 32, San Diego, Calif., “One Brief Hour”

Ruckman, James R., 32, K.C.C.H., Columbia, S.C., “Proud To Be Masons!”

Worlein, John W., 32, Minneapolis, Minn., “R*E*S*P*E*C*T”