Clyde M. Brown Sr., 33
Portland, Oregon

The Valley of Portland, Oregon, has adopted several projects which benefit families and strengthen Freemasonry.

For generations the family was a stable element. However, in recent years there are, more often than not, less than ideal families. Today we find broken families, one-parent families or, for some children, no family at all. We are fortunate indeed when we have a complete family.

The Brethren of the Valley of Portland, Oregon, believe the Scottish Rite is in a unique position to be one of the strong supporting legs on the “stool” of the Masonic family and the American family. In the Masonic family, we feel the Scottish Rite is a strong leg between the Symbolic Lodge and the Shrine; between the Symbolic Lodge and the Appendant Bodies, both ladies and men’s groups; and especially between the Symbolic Lodge and our three youth groups which are the future of our great Fraternity.

The 1997 Masonic Youth Party at the Portland, Oregon, Masonic Center drew nearly 300 young people and 175 adults to enjoy a high-decibel evening of music, dancing, magic, and fellowship.

In the Portland Valley, Orient of Oregon, we have adopted several projects which will help save some of our local families as well as our Masonic family. Among the programs which the Valley supports are:

-Oregon’s Scottish Rite Clinics for Childhood Language Disorders help families with children who are unable to communicate and are in danger of being lost to society.

-We have trust funds which are available to families with medical, dental, or other health problems and are in need of financial help. Meeting the needs of a member of the family usually returns the entire family to normal so that its members can continue their growth as a family.

-We hold “Family Nights” on the first Tuesday of the months in which the Portland Valley is working. On these nights all members of the family are invited to come and enjoy an evening of dining, fellowship, and entertainment. Each event provides a social background that gives both the youths and their parents an atmosphere to grow socially and develop into better individuals and citizens.

-We support our Masonic family through supporting the Blue Lodges in their “Friend to Friend” program, the Shrine through its hospitals for children, and the ladies organizations and other Concordant Bodies by honoring them on special evenings.

-Portland Brethren sponsor an annual party to which all of the members of the International Order of Job’s Daughters, the Order of DeMolay, and the International Order of Rainbow for Girls are invited. Also invited are the Grand Master of Masons in Oregon and all of the main officers of the Masonic organizations and the Concordant Bodies of Masonry in Oregon. Funded by Masonic Lodges with the facilities for the party being furnished, without charge, by the Portland Valley of Scottish Rite, arrangements are made with the assistance of the Youth Groups and the Order of the Eastern Star. This party supports our youths by giving them a sense of value and a secure place where they can develop socially. It has turned into one of the supreme Masonic meetings of the year with both adults and youths enjoying themselves.

In Oregon, as in Orients across the Southern Jurisdiction, the Scottish Rite supports and promotes family and Masonic values which will strengthen America far into the future.

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