Active Members of The Supreme Council, 33, Southern Jurisdiction, USA

The official photo of The Supreme Council, 33, S.J., was taken on October 7, 1997, during the Biennial Session at the foot of the Grand Staircase of The House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. Seated (l. to r.) are: Illustrious Brothers Dave Kruger, Virginia; Thomas C. Raum, Jr., Kansas; H. Douglas Lemons, California; Sovereign Grand Commander C. Fred Kleinknecht; Earl K. Dille, Missouri; H. Wallace Reid, South Carolina; and Sam E. Hilburn, Texas. Included in the second row (standing, l. to r.) are: Karl F. Reed II, Alabama; Jack E. Nixson, Wyoming; Paul T. Million, Jr., Oklahoma; John E. Moyers, Kentucky; Warren D. Lichty, Nebraska; Harry S. Barrows, Iowa; Dwight A. Hamilton, Colorado; Jack D. Rehberg, Montana; Monroe K. Alexander, New Mexico; and Daniel F. Levenduski, Minnesota. In the third row (l. to r.) are: Bernard E. Rothman, Maryland; William R. Miller, Washington; Charles S. Iversen, District of Columbia; Joseph O. Martin, Jr., Tennessee; Marvin K. Bailin, South Dakota; C. B. Hall, West Virginia; Robert F. Hannon, Arizona; and Ronald A. Seale, Louisiana. The fourth row includes (l. to r.): William M. Hutcheson, Georgia; Julian W. Fagan, Mississippi; Robert L. Goldsmith, Florida; John H. Ramlo, North Dakota; Curtis N. Lancaster, Utah; H. Lloyd Wilkerson, North Carolina; and Dwane F. Treat, Arkansas.