Articles Recently Received by the Scottish Rite Journal
“Thank you!” to each of these Brethren or their family members who have recently submitted articles to the magazine. Each submission will be published in the Scottish Rite Journal or, by notification to the author, placed on file in the Archives of The Supreme Council, 33, as an infor-mation and research resource for the Brethren.

Ash Sr., James B., 32, Baton Rouge, La., “Cajun Masons Have Fun”

Brown, Barry D., 32, Miami, Fl., “Friendship, The Secret to Success”

Botelho, Michael, 32, K.C.C.H., Little Rock, Ark., “Getting the Spirit”

Byrd, A. L. (Art), Tulsa, Ok., “Keeping Up with Changing Times”

Cassel, Russell N., 32, San Diego, Calif., “George Washington at the

Philadelphia Convention,” “That Was Then in Freemasonry, But This Is Now”

Fagerberg, Chad R., 32, Los Angeles, Calif., “Hello Hiram!”

Ghirardi, Leo J., 32, Morgan City, La., “My Prayer Was Answered”

Guthman, Sidney S., 33, Long Beach, Calif., “A Thanksgiving Day Message”

Hogg, James W., 32, Ft. Myers, Fl., “The Deline in Masonic Membership”

Malone, Norman, L., 32, Houston, Tex., “Someone Had Better Speak Up”

Marples, James A., 32, Wichita, Kans., “Projecting a Youthful Image”

Melin, Jack B., 32, Phoenix, Ariz., “Freemasonry’s Pitcher of Brotherly Love”

Nix Jr., Joseph H., 32, Mobile, Ala., “What’s Happening to Our Craft?”

Parker, George W., 32, Peking, China, “Religious Freedom”

Plemmons, George E. Sr., 32, K.C.C.H., Lewiston, Idaho, “The Hats”

Sotak, Veonor M., 32, Denver, Colo., “So You Want to Become a Preacher”

Wofford, Charles A., 33, Atlanta, Ga., “Called Out,” “Who Am I?”