July 1998

Moving Toward The Millenium
C. Fred Kleinknecht

Wings Of The Eagle, Wings On Our Feet
Jim Tresner

Show Your Colors, America!
Major General Pat Brady, U.S. Army (Retired)

The Time Is Now The 1998 Scottish Rite Leadership Conferences
John W. Boettjer

If You Build It, They Will Come
Jeffrey S. Adler

A Little Sand In The Gears
Jim Tresner

Masonry, A "Progressive Science"
Gregory J. Smith

Personal PR Power
Steven G. Casciola

The 1997 Biennial Session Report Of The Subcommittee On Strategic Planning
C. B. Hall, Chairman
Thomas C. Raum, Jr.
Paul T. Million, Jr.
Dwane F. Treat
Curtis N. Lancaster

Freemasonry, A Vision Statement