The April 1997, Scottish Rite Journal

Special issue devoted to the Scottish Rite, SJ, USA's flagship philanthropy,
the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Program.


A Hundred Years From Now
C. Fred Kleinknect

Directory of 122 Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders
Clinics, Centers, And Programs

A Transfusion Of Love
Ernest Borgnine

Hospital Achieves Success By Doing What's Best For Children
Sam E. Hilburn

Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center --
A History Of Caring For Kids Full Time

James E. Tally & Eugene A. Hayes III

The Dream Of A Place To Call Their Own
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

Innovative Programs Lead To Success
Tommie L. Robinson Jr.

Current Interest

We Did It For The Kids
Robert G. Davis

Combatting Dyslexia, The "Hidden Hardship"
Howard R. Stewart

Three-Legged Stools
Melody Allen Lenkner

The Scottish Rite And Community Partnerships
James B. Wilkinson

Iowa Scottish Rite Pledges Support Of Alzheimer's Care

Masons Care For Kids
David C. Decker

Desire To Read Bonds Class

The Gift Of Gab
Ballad Sweeney

Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part XXXIII
Thomas M. Boles