Freemasonry, Freedom, Fourth of July
This photograph of the Statue of Liberty being showered with fireworks was featured on the cover of the July 1997 Scottish Rite Journal. Photo courtesy of the United States Navy.

America The Beautiful, Third Verse
C. Fred Kleinknecht
Current Interest 
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Jim Tresner
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José J. De Luna
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William A.Hill
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Ben M. Wheat
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A. Gene Cobb
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Lawrence D. Wright
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Terry O. Trowbridge
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Robert W. McKewin
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Jennifer Mosier, Lisa Kenagy, Jack Sheard
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Julian E. Endsley
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W. Gene Sizemore
Freemasonry’s Heart Attack
Joseph H. Collison
Let The Bell Ring Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 36
Thomas M. Boles
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A Serious Crack In The Liberty Bell
W. Howard Coop
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About Freemasonry?
Jim Tresner