June 1998Scottish Rite Journal, June 1998

Great Expectations
C. Fred Kleinknecht

Get A Life
Masonic Information Center

Partnership Potential
Garry D. Odom

Tribute To The American Flag
Kenneth L. Lowmiller

The Flag: Our Values And Aspirations
William G. Sizemore

The United States Flag Protection Amendment

“Whose Broad Stripes And Bright Stars”
Joseph A. Maderick

Ten Rules On How To Fly The Flag Properly

Before The Pledge
Hubert L. Koker

Peacetime Patriots
Howard B. Kittleson

Can We Wave The Flag Too Much?
Sidney L. DeLove

Remebering Dad On Father's Day, 1998
Lloyd E. Meyer

Current Interest

Arkansas Children’s Center Dedicated
Eighth Printing Of H.E.L.P. Brochure
Centennial Celebration In Alabama
Journal Index Available
Brother Lister Establishes Scholarship
Minnesota Centenarian Honored
Kentucky Foundation Sponsors Concert
New Videotape Builds “Bridges To Light”
D.C. Clinic Expands For Second Time
Trachtenberg Receives Grand Cross Cap
Philalethes Offers CD-ROM
Restoration Of St. Louis S.R. Cathedral
1998 Rose Parade Masonic Float
166 Years Of Rainbow Love
Miami S.R. Center Is Festival Location
"What Is A Mason? CD-ROM
In Memoriam: Illustrious James R. Rogers, 33°

A Gift Money Cannot Buy
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children

Have You Ever Considered Becoming A Mason?
Masonic Renewal Committee

Vision 2013 And Habitat For Humanity In Tennessee
John L. Palmer

Putting The Fun Back In The Fraternity
Lewis B. Brantley

Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 46
Thomas M. Boles

Book Reviews: Myth & Ritual
Jim Tresner

Ninth Degree: Elu Of The Nine
Jim Tresner