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Senator Robert J. Dole, 33°, Grand Cross, and Grand Commander C. Fred Kleinknecht pause before the Senator's Hall of Honor Portrait. Photo by Bro. Earl A. MacDonald, 32°, K.C.C.H.

Table of Contents
Universal Freemasonry: From Pole to Pole
C. Fred Kleinknecht 
Masonic Rituals And Modern Spirituality
Wim F.K.J.F. Frackers
World War II Memorial: United In A Common Cause
Senator Robert J. Dole
 One Photo, Two Masonic Heroes
Scott T. Porter
Jonathan M. Wainwright, Hero of Bataan
Stephen J. Kapp
Odell Squier Long, 33°
Lonnie Carpenter
Manuel Fernández-Juncos, Masonic Hero of Puerto Rico
Stephen J. Kapp
Medical Moment: Stroke, A Blessing In Disguise
Burt E. Eaton
Preston B. Plumb, Community and Nation Builder
James A. Marples
Essays From The Edge:
The Flag Protection Amendment
Roy A. Harrell
Joseph Cullen Root, Giant of American Fraternalism
Robert L. Uzzel
Lewis B. Hershey, Director Of The Selective Service
Don Lavender
Dr. Alois Rašín, 33°, Czech Reformer And Mason
Svatopluk Studeny
Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 48
Thomas M. Boles
Blessing For Our Country
Rabbi Sidney S. Guthman
Books Reviews: If Variety Is The Spice Of Life
Jim Tresner
A Few Famous Freemasons
Gary Leazer
Days Of Awe
Melville H. Nahin
Tolerence Is Not Enough
Howard Coop
Current Interest