Special issue -- Family Life

Photo of Dave Thomas, 33°, Grand Cross, courtesy Wendy's International
Inside this issue:

"That You An Inspiring Way Might Find"
C. Fred Kleinknecht

Family Comes First
Dave Thomas

G.I. Bill For Mothers
Jack E. Nixson

Mother's Lessons
Robert W. Spanogle

The Right Questions
Ronald A. Seale

Success In Parenting
Robert G. Davis

The Pelican
Curtis N. Lancaster

Parents As Therapists
Adrienne Rains Rogers

Family Courts And Masonic Principles
Judge Robert W. Schrader

Jim Tresner

The Family Of Man
John R. Horton

Current Interest

What Does Masonry Offer The Family?
John A. Caton

Your Family Can Play An Important Role
Masonic Renewal Committee

When Your Husband Or Father Is A Mason
Masonic Renewal Committee

An Open Letter To U.S. Veterans
Henry J. (Joe) Evans Jr.

Thanksgiving Day Message
Rabbi Sidney S. Guthman

Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 50
Thomas M. Boles

Book Reviews: Stocking Stuffers
Jim Tresner