“Tools of the Craft,” an original oil painting by Bro. Robert H. White, 32, was featured on the cover of the August 1997 Scottish Rite Journal. Prints (overall size 22" X 33") may be obtained starting in August for a contribution of $100 per print, check payable to The Scottish Rite Foundation, S.J., USA, to : The Supreme Council, 1733 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009–3103.
Eighth Degree, Intendant Of The Building
Jim Tresner

The Quality Of The Workman
C. Fred Kleinknecht

Tools Of The Craft
John W. Boettjer

Universal Freemasonry And The Enlightenment
Its Relevance Yesterday, Today, And Tomorrow
Stephen J. Trachtenberg

Every Young Man Should Be A Mason
Mark L. Roberts

The Letter “G”
S. Brent Morris

William K. Bissey

Current Interest

Medical Moment: Stuttering, When Is It
A Normal Stage Or A Problem?
Anna Ramey, Gladys Kolenovsky, Sue Jones

Writing For Your Trestleboard
Hugh Whelpton

Masonic Youth Essays:
Freedom In The Name Of Safety
Mark J. Rosta & Damien B. Chacona

Solemn Strikes The Funeral Chime
Robert G. Davis

Partnership For Progress
Carleton A. Shore

Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 37
Thomas M. Boles

Book Reviews: Facts, Fun & Fantasy
Jim Tresner