This unique view of one of the four cornice statues on the House of the Temple's roof was featured on the cover of the October issue. The photograph was taken by one of America's finest architectural photographers, Maxwell MacKenzie.
C. Fred Kleinknecht
Brotherly Love, Flower Of Human Kindness
Adrion W. Baird
Brother John Philip Sousa
Salesman Of Americanism
Paul E. Bierley
Current Interest 
Centennial Of America’s Cadence
The Stars and Stripes Forever
James A. Marples
Would You Like French Fries And A Hot
Apple Pie With That Degree?
Jim Tresner
The Patriotic Century
Earl K. Dille
To Have A Friend, Be A Friend
Charles R. Seaford
How Big Is Your God?
Carl J. Sanders
The Temple
Veanor M. Sotak
The Masonic Progress Of
Burl Icle Ives, 33, Grand Cross
Julian E. Endsley
Medical Moment: Headaches
Arthur L. Rudo
At The Door
Andrew M. Stern
Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 39
Thomas M. Boles
Fire Prevention
Willis R. Bealmear
New Biography Of Albert Pike
Depicts Whole Man
Dwane F. Treat
Setting America’s Clock
Robert E. Redding
Book Reviews: From The Vasty Deep
Jim Tresner