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Photo: Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas
Inside this issue:

First Star I See Tonight
C. Fred Kleinknecht

Special Holiday Cards Spread Cheer Far And Wide
Mary Jane Debenport

Santa vs Masonry
Jack A. Hendee

The Shade Of A Great Rock In A Weary Land
William L. Fox

Pilgrim Ministers
Knight Templar Magazine

The Festival Of Lights
Melville H. Nahin

The True Spirit Of Christmas And Freemasonry
Jack E. Nixson

A Right Jolly Old Elf

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital National "Linking Language & Literacy" Conference
Mary Jane Debenport

The Inn On 17th Street
William H. Giesenschlag, Jr.

A Response To Charisma
S. Brent Morris

Sharing The Gifts Of God's Love
Charles E. Maier

Current Interest

Honduras Relief Appeal

1998 DeMolay Essays: Self-Discipline Versus Government Regulations
Adam Ralston and Scott N. McKay

About Face, America!
Raymond G. Davis

The Four-Leafed Clover
Roger M. Firestone

Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 51
Thomas M. Boles

Book Reviews: Shelf Life
Jim Tresner