A new painting (featured on the cover of the May issue, pictured below) commissioned by the Grand Lodge of Texas pictures several Masonic heroes (l. to r.): George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Jose Antonio Navarro, William B. Travis, Sam Houston, Lorenzo de Zavala, Stephen F. Austin, Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Lindbergh, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Will Rogers, Harry S. Truman, Douglas MacArthur, Norman Vincent Peale, John “Duke” Wayne, and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. See article, “Legends of Freemasonry.”

Table of Contents
Taking Heart In America
C. Fred Kleinknecht

Legends Of Freemasonry
John E. Jack Kelly

J. Edgar Hoover, 33, Grand Cross
Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
Cartha D. DeLoach

Today's Dedication, Tomorrow's Success
Wayne E. Rogers

One-Day Classes, Innovation Or Rescue?
Rex R. Hutchens & Sean D. Graystone

Freemasonry And An Ethical Society
Rudyardo V. Bunda

The Ageless Price Of Freedom
Harvey C. Mayhill

America's Soul, The Tradition Of Memorial Day
Charles D. Cooper

Thank A Vet This Memorial Day
Brian J. Duffy

It's Just That Simple
Robert G. Davis

Friendly Fire
Ray W. Burgess

Current Interest

Be Prepared
Gary A. Davis

What Money Cannot Buy
George B. Dealey

Warning Signals
Tom Eggleston

Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part 34
Thomas M. Boles

Book Reviews: The Plot Thickens
Jim Tresner