This photograph was presented on the cover of the January 1998 issue.

Little Boxes Made Of Ticky-Tacky
C. Fred Kleinknecht

The Near Miss Of Robert Burns
William L. Fox

State Of The Order
H. Douglas Lemons

John Philip Sousa, An American Prodigy
Robert L. Goldsmith

A Grand And Shared Purpose
Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

The 1997 Biennial Session
An Invitation To Participate And Achieve
John W. Boettjer

1997 Supreme Council Portrait

Supreme Council Tableau And
Special Attendance Lists

Milestone Publications

Current Interest

The Influence Of A Few Good Men
W. Howard Coop

The Story Of Jacques DeMolay
Part I Of III
Timothy H. Darnell

Where Do You Do Your 
Shopping? Part 42
Thomas M. Boles

Book Reviews: The Flicker Factor
Jim Tresner