March, 1997

Cover page photo, March 1997 Scottish Rite Journal
See article "Arnold Palmer, American Hero"
Arnold Palmer, American Hero
C. Fred Kleinknecht 

Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin, A Man For The Ages
Melville H. Nahin 

Roads To The Future
Nick J. Rahall II 

Douglas MacArthur, 33°, A Soldier Of The People
H. Douglas Lemons 

In Honor Of American Service Men And Women
Douglas MacArthur 

Freemasonry In "Tom Sawyer's Conspiracy"
Bruce G. Chabot 

Faith In The People, Andrew Johnson, 32
Bobby J. Demott 

World War II Reminiscences
Tom Land 

Current Interest

Brother Shares Life
Jo Heather C. Layton 

Why I Became A Mason
Harrison E. "Gene" Thompson 

John Wanamaker Exceptional Man And Mason
Donald E. Lavender 

The Boeing Company And J. Earl Schaefer, Aviator Mason
James A. Marples 

Totalitarian Regimes And Czechoslovak Freemasonry
Jiri Syllaba 

Freemasonry Under The Communists
Christian Weger 

Where Do You Do Your Shopping? Part XXXII
Thomas M. Boles 

Book Reviews-They Just Shine
Jim Tresner