This photo of The Supreme Council, 33, National Headquarters ornament appeared on the cover of the December 1997 issue. It is just one of seven ornaments offered in a collection by The George Washington Masonic National Memorial. For ordering information call toll-free 1-888-566-8400.
Three Wise Men From The East
C. Fred Kleinknecht

Holiday Cards Bring More Than Cheer
Melinda Matthews

Christmas With Aunt Pearl
Robert E. Winterton

Shoes For Christmas
Brenda Scott–Manzur

Christmas Memories
J. T. James

Holiday Kindness
Albert P. Jimenez Sr.

Families Are Included
Clyde E. Griffin

Family Activities In Pasadena
George E. Harrison

The Eighteenth Degree, A Family Affair
Richard L. Carvajal

Our Family Is Three-Legged
Clyde M. Brown Sr.

Current Interest

Family Masonry, Scottish Rite Style
Chester L. Fitzpatrick

What Masonic Family Means
F. Robert Findtner

Family Life
Jack E. Dotson

Has The Salt Lost Its Savor?
Joseph W. Barclay

The In Basket

Meeting Masonry’s Challenges
Robert E. Fletcher

What Is Freemasonry?
Don Nisbet

Old Age Ain’t For Sissies
B. W. (Bill) Friedman

Where Do You Do Your 
Shopping? Part 41
Thomas M. Boles

Book Reviews:
Marley Was Dead, To Begin With
Jim Tresner